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NHFDC Loan Scheme

Criteria of Disability :

The beneficiary should be disabled person or a cooperative society of of disabled persons or a legally constituted association of of disabled persons or a firm promoted by disabled person unless otherwise mentioned in the scheme for financing.

In other to be eligible for loans on concessional interest rates from the corporation, the minimum degree of disability shall not be less than 40%.

A person with disability means aperson

  1. Who is blind or
  2. Who is a person with low vision, or
  3. Who is is speech and hearing handicaped, or
  4. Who has a locomotor disability on account of neurological impairment (including cerebral palsy), or
  5. Who is mentally related, or
  6. Who is multiple handicapped, and includes any person who is unable to ensure by himself/herself wholy, or party, the necessities of a normal individual or social life including work, as a result of deficiency, whether congential or not, in his/ her physically or mental capabilities.
Explanation for the purpose of the disabilities mentioned above :
  1. A person shall be deemed to be blind if he suffers form either of the following conditions, namely-
    1. Total absence of sight, or
    2. Visual acuty not exceeding 6/60 or 20/200 (snellen in the better eye with correcting lences), or
    3. Limitation of field of vision subtending an angle of 20 degree or worse.
  2. A person with low vision is one who has impairment of visual functioning even after treatment and / or standard refractive correction, but who uses or is potentially able to use vision for the planning or execution of task with aapropriate assistive device
  3. A person shall be deemed to be deaf if he/she has lost sixty decibels or more in the better ear in the conversational range or frequencies.
  4. A person shall be deemed to have locomoter disability if he is having disability of the bones, joints or muscles leading to substatial restriction of the movement of the limbs or if has any form of cerebal palsy
  5. Mental retardation refers to sub-average general intellectual functioning which originates during the development period and is associated with impairment in adaptive behaviour.
  6. Mentally ill person shall have the same meaning as assigned to the word in para (a), Section 2 Chapter 1 of mental Health Act, 1987.
    1. With loss of sensation in hands or feet as well as of sensation and paresis in the eye and lid but with no manifestation of deformity.
    2. With manifestation of deformity and paresis but having sufficient mobility in their hands and feet to enable them to engage in normal economic activity.
    3. Suffering from extreme physical deformity as well as advanced age which prevents them from being into any economic activity.
  7. Multiple handicapped means a person with wore than one disability.
Other Requirements :

The sanctioned loan amount and repayment period will depend on the age of applicant.

The Applicant:

  1. Should be an indian citizen.
  2. Should be domicile of the state where the project is proposed to be put up.
  3. Should have relevant educational / tecnical / vocational qualification / experience / background.
  4. Should not have any large outstanding debit from other organisation and should not be afinancial defaulter.
  5. Sholud be from agricultural background and project location should be in agricultural area seeking loan under the scheme assitance for agricultural activities.
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